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In word, we know we have are family in Christ Jesus, but all to often the church treats one another in deed as if this is not true. Not only have we been saved from sin, we have been saved into a family!

Real Family
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What do you do when God doesn't seem to care? What about when He doesn't seem to be fair? How do we approach God and daily life? We see great instruction from the book of Habakkuk to help.

When God Doesn't
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We have been saved by grace through faith in Christ Jesus, but we have also been adopted into the family of God. When we forget this blessing, we damage our understanding of our identity in Christ, our relationship with other believers, and our understanding of God as our Father.

A Weary World Rejoices
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To Be Continued
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Love Your Church
Acts A Call To Move Main.jpg
A Call To Move
What What Happens Main Slide.jpg
Watch What Happens
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A Movement Begins
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Between Sundays Main Slide.jpg
Between Sundays
Walk It Out - Ephesians
Walk It Out Series Main.jpg
Broken and Redeemed Main.jpg
Broken and Redeemed - Ruth
Mindset Main.jpg
Mic Drop.jpg
Mic Drop - Sermon on The Mount
Sucker Punch.jpg
Sucker Punch
More Than You Can See Main.jpg
More ThanYou Can See - Haggai
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Fresh Faith
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Start Right Here
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Bite Size
The Emotions of God Main.jpg
The Emotions of God
I Believe In God But..jpg
I Believe In God But
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Single Sermons
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